Stock Code: 00356


D for Delta | T for Thrive

A delta is the area of land where rivers meet the sea, where salt and fresh water meet. Deltas have always been important to mankind. Major civilizations have flourished in the nutrient rich plains of river deltas, making them excellent strategic areas for providing inhabitants with the natural resources and sustenance required for thriving prosperity.

DT Capital is like a delta with plentiful important resources and attractive investment opportunities from different parts of the world. It is where people of excellence from the East and the West meet to create something impactful and beneficial to the well-being of mankind through direct investment in carefully selected investment vehicles and projects.

The principal investment objective of DT Capital is to achieve earnings in the form of short- to medium-term capital appreciation mainly through investments in a diversified portfolio of listed and unlisted companies in the region. To add value to our goal of improving human well-being, we place more focus on investments which promote environmental sustainability and technological innovation.

DT Capital is an exempted limited liability company, incorporated in the Cayman Islands for the purpose of acting as a closed-end investment company. It is listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“SEHK”) with the stock code 00356.HK, and specializes in investing in the Greater China region, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

Experienced and visionary management team – Members of our management and investment team have vast experience in providing strategic advice, investment ideas and financial services to investors from China and Europe for their cross-border businesses. The team is made up not only of professionals from diverse backgrounds with proven track records but also experienced executives who know the local markets, business environment and culture. Our board comprises decades of solid entrepreneurial experience that provides us with a deep understanding of both the projects in which we directly invest and the investors themselves, who often come from entrepreneurs’ families.

Our highly experienced, multilingual and multi-discipline team, coupled with our extensive network and relationships in both the public and private sectors across China, Hong Kong, and Europe, enables us to bridge the gap between local insights and global thinking combining the benefits of the East and the West.  We provide insightful investment advice and seamless support for investors from Greater China to invest abroad and to assist European investors investing in China.

We are a dedicated team of professionals with proven industry experience who are deeply passionate about our work.  We pride ourselves in achieving real, visible growth and profitability.

Direct Investment – Our approach is to invest in companies directly at the listed company level. We also make use of separate investment vehicles by which we as a listed company participate in joint investments.
Tax Implications – There is no capital gains tax in Hong Kong. Dividend income, whether from Hong Kong or overseas, is not taxable. Also, dividends paid to either residents or non-residents of Hong Kong are not subject to any withholding tax.
Trading Restrictions – Hong Kong's capital account is fully convertible with no restrictions on foreign exchange dealings. Securities, property, gold and silver, can be bought and sold by anyone without restriction.
Corporate Transparency – DT Capital is regulated by the rules and regulations of the SFC (“Securities and Futures Commission”), the principal regulator of Hong Kong’s securities and futures markets and HKEx (“Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited”), the frontline regulator of issuers listed in Hong Kong.  Both our Investment Manager and the Board ensure that DT Capital strictly complies with the statutory requirements for a high level of corporate transparency and a strict monitoring and risk control process.

DT Capital is a listed investment company classified as a Chapter 21 company, listed on the Main Board under Chapter 21 of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange's Listing Rules.

The Investor Education Centre (IEC) provides the following definition:

These companies are investment vehicles whose primary objectives are making investments in listed or unlisted securities, including warrants, money market instruments, commodities, options and futures contracts. Investment companies may also invest in other collective investment schemes. They do not have any other active business. Therefore, the best that they can offer to shareholders is the appreciation in the value of their individual investments.
Investment activities of these companies are basically carried out by investment managers engaged by the management of these companies. In this regard, the quality, judgment and conduct of investment managers are important to the performance of these companies.

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